Dead Language Airport is now the fanzine by Ember Schrag and Bob Bannister.

Issue #1 was released on April 18, 2014 in hard copy only. Cover art by Rick Brown and Tara Key; music features by Bob Bannister, Ember Schrag and Mike Wolf; Lester's column "Things Heard and Said;" additional photos by Tara Key; artwork by Ian Pyper and Che Chen; poems by Ember Schrag, D. Fisher Rhodes, David Moscovich, Kenny Hopkinson and Morgan Orion Reisman; and music reviews (in haiku) by nekobukuro. 

Dead Language Airport was Ember Schrag's radio show on KPVL in Decorah, Iowa (after a run on KZUM, a community station in Lincoln, NE).

Dead Language Airport Lounge was a book of Ember's cocktail recipes issued in a very short run by Eh? Publications.

Listen to the last-archived installment of Dead Language Airport:

Dead Language Airport #55 (7.29.2012)
Axemen, "Think About Me," Three Virgins, Three Visions, Three Visions (Siltbreeze, 2011 reissue).
Above Ground, "Black Doors." Gone Aiwa (Siltbreeze, 2011).
Max Block, "Black Fish." Air Ache in the Belly of the Leech. (Siltbreeze, 2012)
The Dead C, "Love." Harsh 70's Reality (Siltbreeze, 1992).
Above Ground, "Gray Goose." Gone Aiwa (Siltbreeze, 2011).
Mark Feehan, "Salvete." MF (Siltbreeze, 2011).
Alastair Galbraith, "Fall." Morse (Siltbreeze, 1993).
Times New Viking, "New Times New Hope." Present the Paisley Reich (Siltbreeze, 2006).
Max Block, "Dark Continent." Air Ache in the Belly of the Leech. (Siltbreeze, 2012).
Hall of Fame, "Energy Plans For Western Man" Hall of Fame (Siltbreeze, 2000).
Charalambides, "Midnight Chants." Houston (Siltbreeze, 1998).
Tower Recordings, "Population One" Furniture Music for Evening Shuttles (Siltbreeze, 1998).
Angus MacLise, "Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda." (Excerpt) The Invasion ofThunderbolt Pagoda (Siltbreeze, 1999).

Dead Language Airport #54 (7.22.2012)
Jena Malone & Her Bloodstains, "Crowded Fire Scenes." Bloodstains for Sailors (Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe 2008).
Kitchens of Distinction, "Hammer." Love is Hell (Rough Trade 1989).
The Halo Benders, "Don't Touch My Bikini." God Don't Make No Junk (K 1994).
Pharoah Sanders, "Morning Prayer." Thembi (Impulse! 1971).
John Butcher, "Close By, A Waterfall." Resonant Spaces (Confront 2008).
United Bible Studies, "Dark Lowland Plains." The Lunar Observatory (Foxglove 2004).
Vic Chesnutt, "Coward." At the Cut (Constellation 2009).
June Tabor With Martin Simpson, "Number Two Top Seam." A Cut Above (Topic 1980).
The Fiery Furnaces, "Cups and Punches." I'm Going Away (Thrill Jockey 2009).
Dead Moon, "Fire in the Western World." Strange Pray Tell (Music Maniac 1992).
Kazuki Tomokawa, "Sumeran Kuyuran." Kazuki Tomokawa Early Collection 1975-1977 (PSF 1989).

Dead Language Airport #53 (7.14.2012)
Art Bears, "The Hermit." Winter Songs (Re 1979).
Beat Happening, "Cast a Shadow." Black Candy (K 1989).
X, "In this House that I Call Home." Wild Gift (Slash 1981).
Boxhead Ensemble, "Three." Quartets (Atavistic 2003).
Bonnie "Prince" Billy, "Cursed Sleep." The Letting Go (Drag City 2006).
Bert Jansch, "Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning." L.A. Turnaround (Charisma 1974).
Fairport Convention, "Come all Ye." Liege & Lief (Island 1969).
Trembling Bells, "Just as the Rainbow." The Constant Pageant (Honest John's 2011).
Terry Riley, "A Rainbow in Curved Air." A Rainbow in Curved Air (Columbia 1969).

Dead Language Airport #52 (7.1.2012)
Blues Control, "Tangier." Local Flavor (Siltbreeze 2009).
Pelt, "Ghosts are Never Forgiven." Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky (VHF 2000).
Julie Doiron and The Wooden Stars, "The Best Thing For Me." Julie Doiron and The Wooden Stars (Jagjaguwar 2002).
Keijo, "Once Again This Time." Unfolding Emptiness (Pseudo Arcana 2004).
Cul De Sac, "Death Kit Train." Ecim (Capella 1991)
Chris Forsyth, "Soft History." Dreams (Family Vineyard 2011).
Look De Bouk, "Lacrimae Rerum." Lacrimae Rerum (Ayaa 1985).
Kemialliset Ystävät, "Nitty Veden Alla." Ullakkopalo (Fonal; 2010).
Brian Eno, "The Big Ship." Another Green World (Island 1975).
Brian Eno, "Sombre Reptiles." Another Green World (Island 1975).

Dead Language Airport #51 (6.24.2012)
Sainkho Namtchylak, "Letter 6 (With Kieloor Quartet." Letters (Leo Records 1993).
Patty Waters, "Moon, Don't Come Up Tonight." Sings (ESP Disk 1966).
Patty Waters, "Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair." Sings (ESP Disk 1966).
Julie Tippets, "Now You Remember." Sunset Glow (Utopia 1975).
Julie Tippets, "Lilies." Sunset Glow (Utopia 1975).
Amy Denio, "Exiles." Greatest Hits (Unit Circle Rekkids 1999).
Meredith Monk, "Travelers 4/Churchyard Entertainment." Book of Days (ECM New Series 1990).
Diamanda Galas, "Yιατί, Ó Θεός?" The Divine Punishment (Mute 1986).
Yoko Ono, "Don't Worry Kyoko." Fly (Apple 1971).

Dead Language Airport #50 (6.17.12)
Paul Metzger, "Canticle Of Ignat." Canticle Of Ignat / All Glass (aRCHIVE 2008).
Alice Coltrane, "Isis and Osiris." Journey in Satchidananda (Impulse 1971).
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, "Allah, Mohammed, Char, Yaar." Qawwal And Party Shahen-Shah (Real World 1989).
Keiji Haino / Jim O'Rourke / Oren Ambarchi, "Ready and Waiting Ready and Tired of Waiting this Happiness Hovers for a While Opaque." Imikuzushi (Black Truffle 2012).
Åleskjær & Ring, "Fredsfyrsten Jesus kommer i kveld." 70 X 7

Dead Language Airport #49 (6.10.12)
Megan Buick, "Apollo." [Unreleased]
Megan Buick, "In the Unsetting sun sand falls failing suddenly wandering alone." [Unreleased]
Pumice, "Sick Bay Duvet." Quo (Soft Abuse 2008).
Psychic Ills, "Fingernail Tea." Mirror Eye (The Social Registry 2008).
R. Stevie Moore, "Where You Reside." What's the Point?!! (Cuneiform 1984).
Bill Nelson, "Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam." Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam (Mercury 1981).
Shizuka, "Ten." Heavenly Persona (Self-Released).
Suishou No Fune, "Your Tears Drop From the Sky." Where the Spirits Are (Holy Mountain 2006).
Tarnation, "Lonely Lights." Gentle Creatures (4AD 1995).
Dipsomaniacs, "Feet of Clay." Stethoscopic Notion (Appartment 2001).
Vashti Bunyan, "Find My Heart Again." Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind (FatCat 2007).
Will Simmons, "Speak Easy (In Three Parts)." Songs for Sore Ears (Best Kept Sectret 2001).
Edith Frost, "Wash of Water." Calling Over Time (Drag City 1997).
Bardo Pond, "Despite the Roar." Dilate (Matador 2001).
Dirty Three, "Sirena." Ocean Songs (Bella Union 1998).

Dead Language Airport #47 (6.3.12)
Barbara, "La Solitude." L'Aigle Noir 1970-1972 (Polygram France 1998).
The Bats, "North By North." Daddy's Highway (Flying Nun 1987).
The Bats, "Sir Queen." Daddy's Highway (Flying Nun 1987).
Young Marble Giants, "Wurlitzer Jukebox." Colossal Youth (Rough Trade 1980).
Dragibus, "Palladium (The Hip)." Tutti Frutti (Autobus 2004).
Selda Bagcan, "Yaylalar." Selda (1976: 2006 Finders Keepers reissue).
Tav Falco Panther's Burns, "Hey High School Baby." Behind the Magnolia Curtain (Rough Trade 1981).
The Cherry Blossoms, "Glow Jesus Glow." The Cherry Blossoms (Apostasy 2007).
Pierre Bastien, "Exercise II--Still!" Eggs Air Sister Steel (In-Poly-Sons 1996).
The Godz, "Radar Eyes."Godz II (ESP Disk 1967).
Chelsea Wolfe, "Moses." Apokalypsis (Pendu Sound 2011).
Suicide, "Cheree." Suicide (Red Star 1977).
The Microphones, "I'll Not Contain You." The Glow Pt. 2 (K 2001).
The Modern Lovers, "Astral Plane." The Modern Lovers (Home of the Hits 1976).
The Seeds, "Flower Lady and Her Assistant." Evil Hoodoo (Big Beat 2011).
Spacemen 3, "Come Down Easy." Forged Prescriptions (Space Age 2003).
Spacemen 3, "Feel So Good." Forged Prescriptions (Space Age 2003).

Dead Language Airport #46 (5.27.12)
Hans Reichel, "Innocence not Permitted in this Area." Lower Lurum (Rastascan 1994).
Hans Reichel, "Melmoth the Wanderer." Lower Lurum (Rastascan 1994).
Brigitte Fontaine, "Lettre A Monsieur Le Chef De Garde De La Tour Carol." Comme A La Radio (Omagataki 1996).
Dipsomaniacs, "Don't Think You're Safe." Praying Winter (Camera Obscura 2004).
Simon Joyner, "You Don't Know Me." Skeleton Blues (Jagjaguwar 2006).
Smog, "Bathroom Floor." Wild Love (Drag City 1995).
Mayo Thompson, "Horses." Corky's Debt to His Father (Texas Revolution 1970).
Patty Waters, "Why Can't I Come to You." Sings (ESP Disk 1966).
Bobb Trimble, "Through My Eyes (Hopeless as H)." Iron Curtain Innocence (Secretly Canadian 2007).
This Heat, "Paper Hats." Deceit (Rough Trade 1981).
Anne Briggs, "The Snow it Melts The Soonest." A Collection (Topic 1999).
Shirley Collins, "The Spermwhale Fishery." False True Lovers (Fledg'ling 2001).
Ralph White, "Gallows Medley. The Hanged Man (Sloow Tapes).
Michael Yonkers "Sunflower." Grimwood (De Stijl, 2007).
Anastasia Clarke, "I would be again." Ongoings - Spring (2010).
Time and Temperature, "Privacy." Cream of the Low Tide (Self-released, 2010).

Dead Language Airport #45 (5.20.12)
Moonrises "Hollow Watcher." Moonrises (Galactic Archive, 2012).
Moonrises "Ruby Spears." Moonrises (Galactic Archive, 2012).
Moonrises "Hollow Watcher." Moonrises (Galactic Archive, 2012).
Television "See No Evil." Marquee Moon (Elektra, 1977).
Tone Dogs "(When George Bush Was Head of the) C.I.A." Amy Denio Greatest Hits (Unit Circle Rekkids, 1999).
Neil Young "We R In Control." Trans (Geffen, 1982).
Spires That in the Sunset Rise "Veiled Undertow." Ancient Patience Wills It Again (Hairy Spider Legs, 2012).
Jandek "Breast in a Moonbeam." One Foot in the North (Corwood Industries, 1991).
Tav Falco's Panther Burns "Bourgeois Blues." Behind the Magnolia Curtain (Rough Trade, 1981).
Ron Wax, "Come On." Ron Wax (2010).
Dead Moon "Don't Look Back." Strange Pray Tell (Music Maniac, 1992).
Bruce Springsteen "State Trooper." Nebraska (Columbia, 1982).
Bob Bannister "Dark Hollow." Dives and Lazarus (Twisted Village, 1999).
Bob Bannister "Miniature Rainbow." Dives and Lazarus (Twisted Village, 1999).
Meg Baird "Stars Climb Up The Vine." Seasons on Earth (Drag City, 2011).
Loren Mazzacane Connors "The End, The Afternoon, The Light." A Possible Dawn (hatNOIR, 1999).
Sandy Bull "New York City." Sandy Bull & The Rhythm Ace Live 1976 (Galactic Zoo Disk / Drag City, 2012).

Dead Language Airport #44 (5.13.12)
Jessica Pavone "Don't Cross My Moon." Army Of Strangers (Porter, 2011).
Troy Schafer "The Desire Towards Joy Cycle II." Evening Song Awaken (Recital, 2012).
LaDonna Smith "Oceanic Sleep." Eye Of The Storm (Trans Museq, 1992).
Gary Rouzer "Hur Mycket Ar Klockan?" Without Hidden Noise (Self-released, 2009).
Joëlle Léandre "Part 2." Urban Bass (L'Empreinte Digitale, 1994).
Hayleck / Reynolds / Santiago / Lipson Track 1. Agoraphobia (Self-released, 2006).
Michael Bullock & Andrew Lafkas "Ceremonies to Breathe Upon." (excerpt) Ceremonies to Breathe Upon (Winds Measure).
Fred Lonberg-Holm + Nick Stephens "Tantric Ants." Attic Antics (Loose Torque, 2010).
Tartar Lamb "A Lamb In Hand's Worth Two In The Ewe." Sixty Metonymies (Ice Level Music, 2006).
Jon Rose "Shopping In Tuva." Violin Music For Supermarkets (Megaphone, 1994).
Yoshizawa Motoharu "Distance." Outfit: Bass Solo 2½ (Trio Records, 1975).
Helena Espvall "Tidepools." Nimis & Arx (Pax Recordings, 2006).
Audrey Chen "First Set." (excerpt) Live on Strength Through Failure (2010).

Dead Language Airport #43 (4.29.12)
Snow Caps, "Bend." Baby Bird (Single Girl, Married Girl 2011).
Snow Caps, "In My Dreams You're the Only One Still Smiling." Baby Bird (Single Girl, Married Girl 2011).
Hermit Thrushes, "Milk Teeth." Mystery Ocean (Single Girl, Married Girl 2011).
Hermit Thrushes, "Telegraph Hill." Mystery Ocean (Single Girl, Married Girl 2011).
Dereck Higgins, "Happy." Dereck 3 (Coco Art 2012).
Dereck Higgins, "Ribbons." Dereck 3 (Coco Art 2012).
Zachary Cale, "Eye For An Eye." Walking Papers (All Hands Electric 2008).
Zachary Cale, "Tell Tale." Walking Papers (All Hands Electric 2008).
Susan Alcorn, "And I Await the Resurrection of the Pedal Steel Guitar." And I Await the Resurrection of the Pedal Steel Guitar (Olde English Spelling Bee 2007).
Lurch & Holler, "Quivering White Light." In the Cabin Below (2011).
Lurch & Holler, "British Mental Patient." In the Cabin Below (2011).
Jakob Olausson, "Welcome Traveler." Moonlight Farm (De Stijl 2005).
Blue Sausage Infant, "How to Achieve Somnambulism." Manitou (Alrealon 2012).
Troy Schafer, "The Spring Of Instinct." Evening Song Awaken (Recital Three 2012).

Dead Language Airport #42 (4.1.12)
Bobb Trimble "One Mile From Heaven (Short Version)." Iron Curtain Innocence (Secretly Canadian, 2007).
Zachary Cale "Hello Oblivion." Noise Of Welcome (All Hands Electric, 2011).
MacGregor Burns "As Long As It Lasts." This is Gonna Be That Kind of Party (Self-released, 2010).
Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone "Lullaby." Thin Air (Thirsty Ear, 2009).
Susan Alcorn "The Heart Sutra." And I Await The Resurrection Of The Pedal Steel Guitar (Olde English Spelling Bee, 2007).
Helena Espvall "Multiplication Broken & Restored II." Nimis & Arx (Pax / Fire Museum, 2006).
Paul & Maurey "Fly Me." Satelite (Wagtail, 2010).
Orion Rigel Dommisse "Alice & Sarah." What I Want From You Is Sweet (Language of Stone, 2007).
Time & Temperature "Lake Of Glass." Cream Of The Low Tide (Self-released, 2010).
Marissa Nadler "Puppet Master." Marissa Nadler (Box of Cedar, 2011).
Rosemary Krust "Summer." Slow Light (Spleencoffin, 2008).
Weed Tree "R09 0032." (Self-released, 2012).
KB(Duo) untitled (Track 1). (Excerpt) Any Port In A Storm (Eh?, 2011).
Mike Shiflet "Pent." Pent Empty (Eye Wish Arts, 2005).

Dead Language Airport #41 (3.18.12)
Anastasia Clarke, "Sprouted." Ongoings: Spring (self-released 2010).
Pilsear, "Last Minute Loaf." Pilesar's Ugly Children (Zeromoon 2012).
Tower Recordings, "Moon Rocks Off." Furniture Music for Evening Shuttles (Siltbreeze 1998).
Amptext, "Collage 1." Still Life in Silent Rooms (Zeromoon 2012).
Eli Keszler, "Oxtirn 2." Oxtirn (ESP 2010).
Eyvind Kang, "Thick Tarragon." Visible Breath (Ideologic Organ 2012)

Dead Language Airport #40 (2.19.12)
Buddy Holly, "Crying, Waiting, Hoping." Buddy Holly: Memorial Collection (Geffen 2009).
Pere Ubu, "I Will Wait." Dub Housing (Chrysalis 1978).
Eric's Trip, "Waiting All Day." Forever Again (Sub Pop 1994).
June Panic's Wife, "Wishin' and Waitin.'" June Panic's Wife (2009).
Karl Blau, "Waiting for the Wind." Zebra (K 2009).
3/4 Had Been Eliminated, "Loop Recorder in the Patient with Heart Disease." A Year of the Aural Gauge (Häpna 2005).
Charalambides, "Hope Against Hope." A Vintage Burden (Kranky 2006).
Kath Bloom & Loren Mazzacane Conors, "Seems Like I'm Always Waiting for You." Sing the Children Over (Ambiguous 1982).
Lambchop, "Your Life as a Sequel." How I Quit Smoking (City Slang 1995).
Josephine Foster & the Supposed, "Don't Wait Mary Jane." All the Leaves are Gone (Locust 2004).
Francisco Meirino & Brent Gutzeit, "I Missed Something During Those Years." Five Years of Work for a Strange Result (Trust Lost 2010).
Aranos, "Calm Splashes Drown Airports." Magnificent! Magnificent! No One Knows The Final Word (Pieros 2002).
Blectum from Blechdom, "Hey, Stop That Splashing." The Messy Jesse Fiesta (Deluxe 2000).
Magical Power Mako, "Open The Morning Window, The Sunshine Comes In, The Hope Of Today Is Small Bird Singing." Magical Power (Polydor K.K. 1993).
Jean-Marc Montera, "Finally, It's Not So Difficult to Walk With a Smiling Alligator in the Pocket." Hang Around Shout (FMP 1995).
Windy & Carl, "I Have Been Waiting to Hear Your Voice." The Dream House / Dedications To Flea (Kranky 2005).

Dead Language Airport #39 (2.12.12)
Patty Waters, "Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair." Sings (ESP 1965).
Buddy Holly, "Loves Made a Fool of You." Buddy Holly – Down The Line: Rarities (Geffen 2009).
The Slits, "Love und Romance." The Slits - The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit 1998).
Dr. Strangely Strange, "Gave My Love an Apple." Heavy Petting (Vertigo 1970).
Smog, "Wild Love." Wild Love (City Slang 1995).
Capillary Action, "Brackish Love." (excerpt) Capsized (Natural Selection 2011).
Bear in Heaven, "Deafening Love." Beast Rest Forth Mouth (Hometapes 2009).
Dump, "A Love Bizarre."That Skinny Motherfucker With The High Voice? (Shrimper 2001).
Hans Reichel, "For Those Who Love Propellers." Lower Lurum (Rastascan 1994).
Charlie McAlister, "I Love You/Punch Me in the Eye." (exceprt) I'll See You In Hell (Tape Mountain 2001).
Kawabata Makoto, "You Are All of My Love." Hosanna Mantra (A Silent Place 2006).

Dead Language Airport #38 (2.5.12)
The Shadow Ring, "The British Army Can Eat." The Lighthouse (SwillRadio 1999).
The Shadow Ring, " Wash What You Eat."Hold Onto I.D. (Siltbreeze 1997).
United Bible Studies, "The Jonah." The Jonah (Camera Obscura 2009).
Organum, "Penguins Eat Fish." Little Dark Wing (Robot Records 2005).
Celer, "Mouthfeels of Capreae." Capri (Humming COnch 2009).3:03
Swans, "Little Mouth." My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky (Young God 2010).
Sir Richard Bishop, "Dream of the Lotus Eaters." Fingering the Devil (Latitudes 2006).
Larkin Grimm, "I Am Eating Your Deathly Dreams." Harpoon (Secret Eye 2005).
Moondog, "Drgaon's Teeth." Moondog and His Friends (Epic 1953).
The Mountain Goats, "Lion's Teeth." The Sunset Tree (4AD 2005).
Hans Reichel, "Bad Teeth in Marlborough County." Lower Lurum (Rastascan 1994).
Jandek, "Painted My Teeth." Modern Dances (Corwood 1987).

Dead Language Airport #37 (1.29.12)
Angels of Light, "Not Here, Not Now." We are Him (Young God 2007).
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, "You Are Not Gotten Here." Oh, My Girl (Fargo 2004).
Bert Jansch, "Do You Hear Me Now." Bert Jansch (Transatlantic Records, 1965).
Vashti Bunyan, "Where I Like to Stand." Just Another Diamond Day (Philips 1970).
My Bloody Valentine, "To Here Knows When." Loveless (Sire 1991).
Syd Barrett, "Here I Go." The Madcap Laughs (Harvest 1970).
Hair Police, "Let's See Who's Here and Who's Not." Obedience Cuts (Freedom From 2004).
Br'er, "You Go, We'll Stay Here." City of Ice (Edible Onion 2011).
Jackie-O Motherfucker, "Chiapas! I MUST GO THERE!" Fig 5 (Road Cone 2000).
Richard Buckner, "This is Where." Bloomed (Glitterhouse 1994).
Head of Wantastiquet, "Now at last it Shines." Mortagne (Ecstatic Yod 2008).
Gil Scott-Heron, "I'm New Here." I'm New Here (XL 2010).
Handsome Family, "Where the Trees Lean." Through the Trees (Carrot Top 1998).
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "One that is Missing Here." L'Autre Cap (K Records 2006).
Simon Joyner, "Now We Must Face Each Other." Hotel Lives (Truckstop 2001).
Bill Orcutt, "Heaven is Closed to me Now." How The Thing Sings (Editions Mego 2011).
Bhob Rainey / Ralf Wehowsky, "Awaken Elsewhere, Unforseen." I Don't Think I Can See You Tonight (Sedimental 2007).

Dead Language Airport #36 (1.1.12)
The New Heaven And The New Earth "Simon." All Saints Day (Edible Onion, 2009).
Tyrannosaurus Rex "Wind Quartets." Prophets, Seers & Sages (Regal Zonophone, 1968).
Shirley Collins "Polly Vaughan." The Power Of The True Love Knot (Polydor, 1968).
Meg Baird "Friends." Seasons on Earth (Drag City, 2011).
Eric Carbonara "Dawn Never Dusk." The Paradise Abyss (Nada Sound Studio, 2010).
Bill Orcutt "Heaven Is Closed To Me Now." How The Thing Sings (Editions Mego, 2011).
Hochenkeit "Pios Bori? (Who Can Tell?)." I Love You (Road Rone, 1999).
Essex Green "Sixties." Everything Is Green (Kindercore, 1999).
Green Pajamas "The Night Miss Sundby Died." Book of Hours (Green Monkey, 1986).
The Fall "Eat Y'self Fitter." Perverted By Language (Rough Trade, 1983).
Les Georges Leningrad "Comment Te Dire Adieu?" Sur Les Traces De Black Eskimo (Alien8, 2004).
The Pin Group "Long Night." Retrospective (Siltbreeze, 1997).
Graham Lambkin "The Brendan Drill." Salmon Run (Kye, 2007).
Windy Weber "Sirens." (excerpt) I Hate People (Blue Flea, 2008).

Dead Language Airport #35 (12.18.11)
Carla Bozulich "Pissing." Evangelista (Constellation, 2006).
Julian Cope "Soul Desert." Jehovahkill (Island, 1992).
Aihiyo "Satisfaction." Live (P.S.F., 2000).
Raccoo-oo-oon untitled(track 4). Raccoo-oo-oon (Release The Bats, 2008).
Daniel Higgs "Moharsing and Schoenhut." Ancestral Songs (Holy Mountain, 2006).
Richard Youngs "Time is Time." New Angloid Sound (Forced Exposure, 1992).
United Bible Studies "Shanaglish Cemetery." Stations Of The Sun, Transits Of The Moon (Deserted Village, 2003).
Head of Wantastiquet "Seven Stone Stomp." Mortagne (Father Yod, 2010).
Lazily Spun "The Whole." The Serotonin Ronin II (Camera Obscura, 2000).
Aranos "Spirit Fragrance." Magnificent! Magnificent! No One Knows The Final Word (Pieros, 2002).
Kjetil D Brandsdal "Nei." KDB (KDB, 1996).

Dead Language Airport #34 (12.11.11)
The Bats "Block Of Wood." Daddy's Highway (Flying Nun, 1987).
Kevin Ayers "Girl On A Swing." Joy Of A Toy (Harvest, 1969).
Snow Caps "Baby Bird." Baby Bird (Single Girl Married Girl, 2008).
Mark Kozelek "Finally." Loving Takes This Course - A Tribute to the Songs of Kath Bloom (Chapter Music, 2008).
Dave Knott "B." Sweet Little Guitar Ditties (Self-released, 2009).
Mike Tamburo And His Orchestra "Two Doors From The Corner." Ghosts Of Marumbey (Music Fellowship / New American Folk Hero, 2006).
Tetuzi Akiyama & Jozef Van Wissem "The Cry Of The Hawk." Hymn For A Fallen Angel (Incunabulum, 2007).
Chris Forsyth "Long Warm Afternoon." Dreams (Evolving Ear, 2009).
Filip Thenderup "I Mesterens Spor." En Bønn Fra Dødskyggens Dal (Peace In The Valley, 2009).
Dylan Shearer "As If." Planted/Plans (Yik Yak, 2009).
Dr. Strangely Strange "Summer Breeze." Heavy Petting (Vertigo, 1970).
Wooden Wand & Vanishing Voice "I Am the One I Am And He Is The Caretaker of My Heart." Buck Dharma (5 Rue Christina, 2005).
Avarus "IV A." (excerpt) IV (Ikuisuus / Secret Eye 2009).
Climax Golden Twins "Get Fat." Highly Bred And Sweetly Tempered (North East Indie, 2004).
Spaceheads & Max Eastley "Ancient Astronauts." The Time of The Ancient Astronaut (BiP_HOp, 2001).

Dead Language Airport #33 (12.04.11)
Bingo Trappers "God's Biographer." Juanita Avenue (Animal World 2000).
My Pal Foot Foot "Here is Very." Songs for Nao (Chapter Music 2004).
Shuji Inaba "Slave Flower." The Rapture of Being Destroyed... (Last Visible Dog 2004).
Keijo & Friends "Over and Over." Decomposing Dawn And Dew (PseudoArcana 2004).
Mike Wexler "Axis, Road of Awe." Sun Wheel (Amish 2007).
Simon Finn "Laughing 'Til Tomorrow." Pass the Distance (Mushroom 1970).
Hush Arbors "Fast Asleep." Yankee Reality (Ecstatic Peace 2009).
Suishou No Fune "A Rose Bloomed." Where The Spirits Are (Holy Mountain 2006).
Amen Dunes "Fleshless Esta Mira Wife of Space." Dia (Locust 2009).
Metal Mountains "Flicker Within/Without." Golden Trees (Amish 2011).
Valerio Cosi "Love is Everywhere." Collected Works (Porter 2008).
IOIOI "Sleeping Tail." Sleeping: Awaken Visions (Ikuisuus 2010).
Vic Chesnutt "The Garden." Ghetto Bells (New West 2005).
Spacemen 3 "Transparent Radiation." The Perfect Prescription (Glass 1987).
Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano "Susan Song." Dedicato A (BDS 1967).

Dead Language Airport #32 (11.20.11)
The Seeds, "Pushin' Too Hard." Evil Hoodoo (Drop-Out 1998).
The Seeds, "Try to Understand." Evil Hoodoo (Drop-Out 1998).
The Seeds, "Mr. Farmer." Evil Hoodoo (Drop-Out 1998).
Red Krayola, "Transparent Radiation." The Parable of Arable Land (Sunspots 1967).
Mayo Thompson, "Oyster Thins." Corky's Debt to His Father (Drag City 1994).
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "This Side of Paradise." Return Visit to Rock Mass (Org 1996).
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "Wings of the Dawn." Return Visit to Rock Mass (Org 1996).
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "In the Low Plain of Decision." Return Visit to Rock Mass (Org 1996).
Konk Pack, "Moment Legs Leave." Big Deep (Grob 1999).
Josephine Foster & The Supposed, "Deathnknell." All the Leaves are Gone (Locust 2004).
Josephine Foster & The Supposed, "Who Will Feel Better at the Days End." All the Leaves are Gone (Locust 2004).
Kan Mikami, "Gamo & Danbe." Bachi - From Oak Village (Turtles' Dream 2004).
Kan Mikami, "Paen to the Snow-Covered Mountains." Bachi - From Oak Village (Turtles' Dream 2004).
R Keenan Lawler, "A Plane Of Air." The Ghost of a Plane of Air. (New American Folk Hero 2006).

Dead Language Airport #31 (11.13.11)
Kazuki Tomokawa, “Ikiterutte Ittemiro.” Early Collection 1975-1977.
Kazuki Tomokawa, “23 Sai No Teikoh.” Early Collection 1975-1977.
Vic Chesnutt, "We Hovered With Short Wings." At the Cut (Constellation 2009).
Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars, “Au Contraire.” Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars (Tree 2000).
Jacques Brel, “Les Bourgeois.” Infiniment (Barclay 2003).
Jacques Brel, “Les Bigotes.” Infiniment (Barclay 2003).
Capillary Action, “Methheads and Mormons.” Capsized (Natural Selection 2011).
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Wet Hair, “Cult Electric Annihilation.” Dream (Not Not Fun).
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Cheryl Leonard, “ Light Put Carefully.
Blues Control, “Rest on Water” Local Flavor (Siltbreeze 2009).
Charles Goff III & Michael F. LaGrega, "Drei." Innerhalb (Taped Rugs 2009).
Br’er, “Painted Lady.” Filled With Guilt & Diamonds (Edible Onion 2008).

Dead Language Airport #30 (11.6.11)
Angus Maclise, "Smothered Under Astral Collapse." Astral Collapse (Quakebasket / Locust 2002).
Angus Maclise, "Tunnel Music #1." The Cloud Doctrine (Sub Rosa 2003).
Angus Maclise, "Dracula." Astral Collapse (Quakebasket / Locust 2002).
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The Modern Lovers, "Astral Plane." The Modern Lovers (Beserkley 1976).
Velvet Underground, "What Goes On." The Velvet Underground (Verve 1969).

Dead Language Airport #29 (10.30.11)
The Gun Club, "Death Party." Death Party (Animal 1983).
Roky Erickson & The Aliens, "If You Have Ghosts." The Evil One (415 1981).
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, "Up Jumped the Devil." Tender Prey (Mute 1988).
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, "Deanna." Tender Prey (Mute 1988).
Buffy Sainte-Marie, "The Vampire." Illuminations (Vanguard 1969).
Lydia Lunch, "A Quiet Night of Murder in Greenwich, Connecticut." Drowning in Limbo (Widowspeak 1989).
Art Bears, "The Skeleton." 25 Songs: Winter Songs / The World As It Is Today (ReR Megacorp 1988).
Art Bears, "Rats and Monkeys." 25 Songs: Winter Songs / The World As It Is Today (ReR Megacorp 1988).
Jarboe, "Troll Lullaby." Sacrificial Cake (Young God 1995).
Diamanda Galas, "Ewenoyme." The Divine Punishment (Mute 1986).
Catherine Jauniaux + Tim Hodgkinson, "Une Escadrille de Sorcieres." Fluvial (Woof 1983).
Half Japanese, "Zombie Eye." Bone Head (Alternative Tentacles 1997).
Half Japanese, "Sometimes." Bone Head (Alternative Tentacles 1997).
Half Japanese, "A Night Like This." Bone Head (Alternative Tentacles 1997).
Dan Knudsen, "The Emperor Lucifer." The Best of Dan Knudsen, Vol. II (2010).
Dan Knudsen, "Creatures of the Sand." The Best of Dan Knudsen, Vol. II (2010).
Roky Erickson & The Aliens. "I Walked with a Zombie." The Evil One (415 1981).

Dead Language Airport #28 (10.16.11)
Bert Jansch, "I Have No Time." Bert Jansch (Transatlantic 1965).
Bert Jansch, "Needle of Death." Bert Jansch (Transatlantic 1965).
Bert Jansch, "Reynardine." Rosemary Lane (Reprise 1971).
Bert Jansch, "Bring Your Religion." The Black Swan (Drag City 2006).
Bert Jansch, "Rosemary Lane." Rosemary Lane (Reprise 1971).
Anne Briggs, "Rosemary Lane." A Collection (Topic 1999).
Anne Briggs, "Blackwater Side." A Collection (Topic 1999).
Anne Briggs, "The Doffing Mistress." A Collection (Topic 1999).
The Pentangle, "A Maid That's Deep In Love." Cruel Sister (Reprise 1970).
Nick Drake, "Which Will." Pink Moon (Island 1972).
Karen Dalton, "How Did the Feeling Feel to You?" It's So Hard to tell Who's Going to Love you the Best (Captiol 1969).
PG Six, "Wrong Side of Yesterday." Starry Mind (Drag City 2011).

Dead Language Airport #27 (9.25.11)
Half Japanese, "Firecracker Firecracker." Sing No Evil (Iridescence 1985).
Half Japanese, "Dearest Darling." Sing No Evil (Iridescence 1985).
Half Japanese, "Double Trouble." Sing No Evil (Iridescence 1985).
Dead Moon, "Fire in the Western World." Strange Pray Tell (Music Maniac 1992).
J.A. Seazer, "Kyojo Bushi." Kokkyou Junreika (Belle Antique 1996).
Dan Knudsen, "Creatures of The Sand." The Best of Dan Knudsen Vol. II (2010).
Nmperign & Jason Lescaleet, "How it Changes Name (D). In Which The Silent Partner-Director Can No Longer Make His Point To The Industrial Dreamer (Intransitive 2000)
Dino Felipe, "Alien Ation."
Dino Felipe, "Guitar Hero 69." Crumble Comp (2010).
Dino Felipe + This Heart Electric, "Anything You Got."
This Heart Electric, "Escape from L.A." Crumble Comp (2010).
Animals of the Arctic, "March Madness." Crumble Comp (2010).
Meat, "Let's Make a Fond Memory." Crumble Comp (2010).
Curious Hair, "Mandela (sic)." Crumble Comp (2010).
Los Espejos/The Muslims/Cosmic Reys, "Caveman Rock." Crumble Comp (2010).

Dead Language Airport #26 (9.11.11)
Will Simmons, "Addressing the Envelope." In So Many Words (Catsup Plate, Toothpick, Shrimper, Bees Make Honey 1996).
Josephine Foster and The Victor Herrero Band, "Las Tres Hojas." Anda Jaleo (Fire 2010).
Josephine Foster and The Victor Herrero Band, "Los Mozos De Monleón." Anda Jaleo (Fire 2010).
Josephine Foster and The Victor Herrero Band, "Las Morillas De Jaén." Anda Jaleo (Fire 2010).
Sandy Bull, "Memphis, Tennessee." Inventions (Vanguard 1964).
Sir Richard Bishop, "Cross My Palm With Silver." Polytheistic Fragments (Drag City 2007).
Sir Richard Bishop, "Blood-Stained Sands." The Freak of Araby (Drag City 2009).
Ron Wax, "Come On." Ron Wax (2010).
Ron Wax, "Powder." Ron Wax (2010).
Jandek, "Show the Man Your Picture." One Foot in the North (Corwood Industries 1991).
Spires That In The Sunset Rise, “Little for a Lot.” Four Winds The Walker (Secret Eye 2005).
The Strugglers, "Out on the Main Drag."The Latest Rights (Acuarela Discos 2008).
Moondog, "Trees Against the Sky." Moondog (Prestige 1956).

Dead Language Airport #25 (9.4.11)
Edward Gray, "Samson." The Old Bending River (2011).
Edward Gray, "Away." The Old Bending River (2011).
Edward Gray, "Egg Timer Man." The Old Bending River (2011).
Wet Hair, "Forever Young Ever One." Wet Hair (Night People 2008).
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, "City of Refuge." Tender Prey (Mute 1988).
Swans, "Children of God." Children of God (Caroline 2987).
Eugene Chadbourne, “Fightin’ Side of Me.” Country Protest (Fundamental 1985).
Eugene Chadbourne, “A Bottle Labeled Losers.” Country Protest (Fundamental 1985).
Grape Soda.
Inspector 22, "Moon Landing." Hey Man, I Understand (Odessa 2009).
Rosemary Krust, "Something Better." Slow Light (Spleen Coffin 2008).
Charalambides, "Voice For You." Joy Shapes (Kranky 2004).

Dead Language Airport #24 (8.28.11)
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family, "Trouble Maker." My Ancestors (Hummingbird 2008).
Beirut, "The Gulag Orkestar." Gulag Orkestar (Ba Da Bing! 2006).
Low, "Words." I Could Live in Hope (Vernon Yard 1994).
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Helena Espvall and Masaki Batoh, "Polska." Helena Espvall and Masaki Batoh (Drag City 2008).
Kiyoshi Mizutani / Hideaki Shimada / Kiyoharu Kuwayama, "Meguro." Gambetta (Monochrome Vision 2008).
Mikami Kan, "Pineapple no Kanzume." Lesbos (P.S.F. 2002).
Fotheringay, "The Sea." Fotheringay (Island 1970).
Bonnie Koloc, "Up is a Nice Place to Be." Timeless (2004).
Rafael Toral, "WF Radio Edit." Wave Field (Dexter's Cigar 1995).

Dead Language Airport #23 (8.21.11)
Neu, "Hallogallo." Neu! (Brain 1972).
OOIOO, "Ene Soda." Kila Kila Kila (Thrill Jockey 2004).
MV & EE with the Golden Road, "Moanah." Foxgod in Flight (Heroine Celestial Agriculture 2007).
Diamanda Galas, "Deliver Me From My Enemies" (excerpt). The Divine Punishment (Mute 1986).
Double Leopards, "Ship to Dominate." Soulless Dust, Speed and Strength (2002).
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Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra, "Unza Unza Time." Unza Unza Time (Barclay 2000).
Omar Khorshid, "Raqset El Fada [Dance Of Space]." Guitar El Chark (Sublime Frequencies 2010).
A Hawk and a Hacksaw and Hun Hangar Ensemble, "Romanian Hora and Bulgar." A Hawk And A Hacksaw And The Hun Hangar Ensemble EP (Leaf 2007).

Dead Language Airport #22 (8.7.11)
Keenan Lawler, "Plane of Air." Ghost of a Plane of Air (Konstant 1999).
PG Six, "Come In / The Winter it is Past." The Well of Memory (Amish 2004).
Karen Dalton, "I Love You More Than Words Can Say." In the Evening (It's So Hard To Tell Who's Gonna Love You the Best) (Capitol 1969).
Loren Mazzacane Connors, "Two Paths." Evangeline (Road Cone 1998).
Kath Bloom & Loren Mazzacane Connors, "Sand In My Shoe." Sing the Children Over (Chapter 2008).
Kath Bloom & Loren Mazzacane Connors, "I Just Have to Tell You." Sing the Children Over (Chapter 2008).
Kath Bloom & Loren Mazzacane Connors, "We're On Our Way." Sing the Children Over (Chapter 2008).
Jack Rose, "Blues for Percy Danforth." Luck in The Valley (Thrill Jockey 2010).
Larkin Grimm, "I Am Eating Your Deathly Dreams." Harpoon (Secret Eye 2008).
Rosemary Krust, "All the Monsters Are Out." Slow Light (Spleen Coffin 2008).
Kan Mikami, Track 8. Bang! (URC 1980).
Judee Sill, "The Kiss." Heart Food (Asylum 1973).
Leonard Cohen, "Avalanche." Songs of Love and Hate (Columbia 1971).
Beat Happening, "Bad Seeds (Live). Beat Happening (K Records 1985).

Dead Language Airport #21 (7.31.11)
Hanne Hukkelberg, "Displaced." Little things (RCA 2005). 2:05
Hanne Hukkelberg, "True Love." Little things (RCA 2005). 3:23
Hanne Hukkelberg, "Little Girl." Little things (RCA 2005). 2:56
Kemialliset Ystavat, "Suosikkiorjalleni." Ullakkopalo (Fonal 2010). 0:48
Kemialliset Ystavat, "Ystävälliset Miekat." Ullakkopalo (Fonal 2010). 2:57
Kemialliset Ystavat, "Kivikasan Rauhassa." Ullakkopalo (Fonal 2010). 3:55
Lau Nau, "Lue Kartalta." Nukkuu (Locust 2008). 4:29
Lau Nau, "Painovoimaa, Valoa." Nukkuu (Locust 2008). 5:00
Lau Nau, "Rubiinilasia." Nukkuu (Locust 2008). 5:04
Stina Nordenstam, "Crime." And She Closed Her Eyes (EastWest 1994). 5:40
Stina Nordenstam, "And She Closed Her Eyes" And She Closed Her Eyes (EastWest 1994). 2:33
Islaja, "Laivat Saapuu." Palaa Aurinkoon (Fonal 2006). 2:56
Islaja, "Uni Pollona Olemisesta." Palaa Aurinkoon (Fonal 2006). 4:10
Islaja, "Palaa Aurinkoon." Palaa Aurinkoon (Fonal 2006). 5:06
Maritza, "Beltane Night." Fires on the Shore (2003).

Dead Language Airport #20 (7.17.11)
The Chiara Quartet, Third Movement of String Quartet No. 2. Jefferson Friedman: Quartets (New Amsterdam 2011).
Matmos, "A Bruit Secret Mix." Jefferson Friedman: Quartets (New Amsterdam 2011).
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "My Brother." Showboat (Dependnt Direct Sales 1996).
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "There Go the Ships." Showboat (Dependnt Direct Sales 1996).
Namio Kudo, "Later." Spring Rain (Hyotan 2008).
Namio Kudo, "Field." Spring Rain (Hyotan 2008).
Reiko Kudo, "Faraway Mountains." Licking Up Dust (Hyotan 2007).
The Angels of Light, "Black River Song." We Are Him (Young God 2007).
Catherine Jauniaux w/Tim Hodgkinson, "Une Escadrille de Sorcieres." Fluvial (Ad Hoc 2005).
The Art Bears, "Three Wheels." Winter Songs (ReR 1979).
Violet, "Plague Numbers." Violet Ray Gas and the Playback Singers (Zeromoon 2008).
Thuja, Track 1. The Deer Lay Down Their Bones (Tumult 1999).
Jessica Pavone, "Here and Now, Then and Gone." Songs of Synastry and Solitude (Tzadik 2009).
Jessica Pavone, "Hope Dawson is Missing." Songs of Synastry and Solitude (Tzadik 2009).

Dead Language Airport #19 (7.10.11)
Pumice "Thermos In The Studio." Quo (Soft Abuse 2008).
Fit & Limo "Traumtur." The Serpent Unrolled (September Gurls 1998).
Elfin Saddle "Hammer Song." Ringing For The Begin Again (Constellation 2009).
Ilyas Ahmed "Phantom Sky." The Vertigo of Dawn (Time-Lag 2008).
Explosions in the Sky "Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean." The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place (Temporary Residence 2003).
Dirty Three "Black Tide." Ocean Songs (Touch And Go 1998).
Popol Vuh "Mit Handen, Mit Fussen." Die Nacht Der Seele (Brain 1979).
Spectre Folk "Voyage Of Yr Gypsy Granqd." Jams For Da Stars (2011).
Steffan Basho-Junghans "Warrior's Lullaby." Song of the Earth (Sublingual Records 2000).
Bert Jansch "Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning." L.A. Turnaround (Charisma 1974).
The Bruces "Haint Blue." The War Of The Bruces (Misra 2002).
Margo Guryan "Think Of Rain." Take A Picture (Franklin Castle 2000).
Jessica Pavone "Cast of Characters." Army of Strangers (Porter Records 2011).
Islaja "Vaeltajan Laulu." Palaa Aurinkoon (Fonal 2005).
Climax Golden Twins "Awful Hungry."(excerpt) Highly Bred and Sweetly Tempered (North East Indie 2004).

Dead Language Airport #18 (6.26.11)
Boxhead Ensemble, "One." Quartets (Atavistic 2003).
Carla Bozulich, "Prince of the World." Evangelista (Constellation 2006).
Tindersticks, "Tyed."Tindersticks (Art Rock 1993)
Faun Fables, "Transit Theme." Transit Rider (Drag City 2006).
Faun Fables, "The Questioning." Transit Rider (Drag City 2006).
Kultur Shock, "Build a Wall." Integration (Kultur Shock Records 2009).
Dereck Bailey, Amy Denio & Dennis Palmer, "Heaven will Surely be Worth It All." The Gospel Record (Shaking Ray Records 2005).
Dereck Bailey, Amy Denio & Dennis Palmer, "The Ole-Time Religion." The Gospel Record (Shaking Ray Records 2005)
Charlie McAlister, "Crossing the Desert." I'll See You in Hell (Tape Mountain 2001)
Charlie McAlister, "I Was Tired/I've Never Felt So Alive I'll See You in Hell (Tape Mountain 2001)
Juana Molina, "La Visita." Segundo (Bla Bla Discos 2000).
Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone, "Barber." Thin Air (Thirsty Ear 2009).
Jean Tinguely, "Sound Sculpture - a." Bascule VII (Manhood 1994).
Iannis Xenakis, "Diamorphoses (1957)." Electronic Music (EMF 1997).
Cheryl Leonard, track 2 Light Put Carefully.
Jeph Jerman, untitled. Drumb (AARC 2006).

Dead Language Airport #17 (6.19.11)
Roy Montgomery "Resolution Island Suite." Allegory of Hearing (Drunken Fish, 2000).
Rosemary Krust "Summer." Slow Light (Spleencoffin, 2008).
Ché Shizu "Track 7." I Can't Promise (Zero, 1984).
Spires that in the Sunset Rise "Java Pop." Curse The Traced Bird (Secret Eye, 2008).
Colleen "The Happy Sea." The Golden Morning Breaks (Leaf, 2005).
Ernie Althoff "Music Machines (iii)." VA NMATapes 2 (NMA, 1983).
Area C "Names of Places." Haunt (Last Visible Dog, 2007).
Volcano the Bear "Golden Hot Bite." The Idea of Wood (Textile Records, 2002).
United Bible Studies "A For Andromeda." The Jonah (Camera Obscura, 2009).
Comus "Diana." First Utterance (Dawn, 1971).
Fit & Limo "Traumter." The Serpent Unrolled (September Gurls, 1998).
Hall of Fame "Cuneiform Calling." Hall of Fame (Siltbreeze, 2000).
David Byrne "Nineveh." The Forest (Luaka Bop, 1991).
Pillars & Tongues "Resolve." Lay of The Pilgrim (Empty Cellar, 2010).
Lethe "Untitled 2." (excerpt) Catastophe Point #5 (Intrasitive Recordings, 2009).

Dead Language Airport #16 (6.12.11)
Ghsts N Guitars, Track 3. Winter Mix 2011.
Ghsts N Guitars, Track 4. Winter Mix 2011.
Labradford, "S." Mi Media Naranja (Kranky 1997).
Elephant Micah, "Cardinals." Plays the Songs of Bible Birds (Time Lag 2010).
Elephant Micah, "Are You a Christian?" Plays the Songs of Bible Birds (Time Lag 2010).
Darksmith, "Shared Empty Space." Total Vacuum (Hanson Tapes 2010).
If, Bwana, "Fish Tales from the Bible." Radio Slaves (Monochrome Sound 2007).
Valerio Cosi, Untitled Track. Crows of the World Volume 2 (Last Visible Dog 2010).
Chris Weisman & Greg Davis, "Hat of Night." Northern Songs (Home Normal 2010).
Linda Perhacs, "Chimacum Rain." Parallelograms (The Wild Places 1970).
Robyn Hitchcock, "Bones in the Ground." I Often Dream of Trains (Rhino 1984).
Pearls Before Swine, "Images of April." Balaklava (ESP-Disk 1968).
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, "Gears in the Sun." Tokyo (Cracked Piston 2002).

Dead Language Airport #15 (6.5.11)
Josephine Foster, "Deathknell." All the Leaves are Gone (Locust 2004).
Magik Markers, "Don't Talk in Your Sleep." Balf Quarry (Drag City 2009).
Magik Markers, "Jerks." Balf Quarry (Drag City 2009).
Jackie-O Motherfucker, "Analogue Skillet." Fig. 5 (Road Cone 2000).
Chris Weisman & Greg Davis, "New Americans." Northern Songs (Home Normal 2010).
Chris Weisman & Greg Davis, "Christalline." Northern Songs (Home Normal 2010).
Kate Bush, "Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbreke." Lionheart (Fame 1988).
Buffy Sainte-Marie, "Suffer the Little Children." Illuminations (Vanguard 1969).
Susan Alcorn, "Curandera." Curandera (Uma Sounds 2004).
Newband, "The Letter." Harry Partch: The Wayward (Wergo 2002).
Moondog, "Be a Hobo." The Viking of Sixth Avenue (Astralwerks 2006).
Moondog, "Dog Trot." The Viking of Sixth Avenue (Astralwerks 2006).
Moondog, "All is Loneliness." The Viking of Sixth Avenue (Astralwerks 2006).
Moondog, "To a Seahorse." Moondog (Prestige 1956).
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "How Long Will You Forget Me?" L'Autre Cap (K 2007).
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "Eve, Mary, And Juliett." L'Autre Cap (K 2007).
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "Giving Birth to You." L'Autre Cap (K 2007).

Dead Language Airport #14 (5.29.11)
Beat Happening, "Nancy Sin." Dreamy (Sub Pop 1991).
Bull's Blood, "The Duelist." Mondyeth (Foxglove 2005).
Skip Spence, "Cripple Creek." Oar (Sundazed 1969).
June Panic's Wife. "Cry 4 Yer Mama." Cry 4 Yer Mama (2009).
Gun Club, "Keys to the Kingdom." Divinity (New Rose 1991).
Mandom, "All the World Loves a Lover." Recorded Live at Animata's in Eugene, OR, 3/27/11.
Bill Exley, "The Significance of the Last 25 Years." Speech at the 25th Annual Nihilist Picnic, Poplar Hill Ontario 9-10-89. Spoken Word by Noise Artists (E.F. Tapes and CDRs 2002).
Sun City Girls, "Caravan of Scars." Valentines from Matahari (Majora 1993).
Preston Ari Swirnoff, "Maariv 2: For a Room Full of Organs." Maariv (Last Visible Dog 2005).
Harry Partch, "Barstow." Performed by Newband. The Wayward (Wergo 2002).
Carlos Giffoni, "Un Mondo de Permutaciones." Spoken Word by Noise Artists (E.F. Tapes and CDRs 2002).
Scott Walker, "The Old Man's Back Again (Dedicated to the Neo-Stalinist Regime)." Scott4 (Mercury 1969).
Scott Walker, "Get Behind Me." Scott4 (Mercury 1969).

Dead Language Airport #13 (5.22.11)
Correo Aereo "Las Dos Huastecas." Provinces (Self Released, 1997).
Irving Klaw Trio "Cubano Saucer." Utek Pahto Mogoi (Road Cone, 1997).
A Hawk and A Hacksaw "The Man Who Sold His Beard." Délivrance (Leaf, 2009).
Dr Strangely Strange "Jove Was at Home." Heavy Petting (Vertigo, 1970).
Larkin Grimm "Link in Your Chain." Tha Last Tree (Secret Eye, 2006).
Daniel Brummel "Mystery of the Cathedrals." Speak Easy (Coptic Records, 2005).
Slow Skate "Aurora." Count The Days With Me (Self Released. 2010?)
3/4 Had Been Eliminated "Labor Chant." A Year Of The Aural Gauge Operation (Häpna, 2005).
Goodwillies "Geodesic Ruins." Greenmachines for all the Childrens (Digitalis, 2008).
Strongly Imploded "The Last Laboured Breath Of A Restaurant Kitchen Agony" Why Use A Proxy? (Ikuisuus, 2009).
Seattle Phonographers Union "Sonarchy: March 17, 2007." (and/OAR, Mimeomeme, 2009).

Dead Language Airport #12 (5.15.11)
Thus "Untitled (Track 1)." The Hermenutic Ubermenschen...Sing! (Recorded, 1999).
Renato Ciumfrini + Bob Marsh "Agiacapa." Rosa (Ikuisuus, 2010).
Chefkirk & Ironing "Winter Marches On." Notorious (Hymns, 2008).
Wolf Eyes / Black Dice "Untitled (Track 7)." Chimes In Black Water Vol. 1 (American Tapes, 2001).
Unknown Artist "Track 1." Hmong Music From Kon Peng (Self-Released Cassette, ????)
Kukkiva Poliisi "Untitled (Track 1)." Maximum Highway Lifestyle (Lal Lal Lal, 2003).
New Millenium String Ensemble "Hwang." New Millenium String Ensemble (Mass Dist, 2002).
Dylan Shearer "Ceiling Fans, Lunar." Shuddtters (White Rose Network, 2003).
Charles Rice Goff III "Newscene at Six." -Re (Taped Rugs, 2002).
This Heart Electric "The (B)lax" Collection (Nasty Secret, 2010).
Celesteville "In The Sky." Lingua Ignota (Tape Mountain / Quesadilla, 2001).
Big City Orchestra "Nutshell." Cockamame (Ubuibi, 2010).
Volvox "Bulbous Thing." The Damage Begins at the Mouth (Dualplover, 2000).
Luv Rokambo "Harrow!! It's Me." Do The Glimpse (Public Eyesore, 2002).
Jacopo Andeini "Banda Donnini." VS 900 (Burp / Bar La Muerte, 2002).
PS Stamps Back "Part of Me is Buried in the Mountains." (excerpt) Of Loss and the Spirals of Time (Tilt, 2007).
Earth Incubator "No Way Pt. 0" Earth Incubator & Armenia (Smell the Stench, 2011).
Wasteland Jazz Unit "Seer Rounds." (excerpt) Burrows of Indication (Ruido Horrible, 2009).

Dead Language Airport #11 (5.8.11)
Tuto Fuzzi "Bloed 1." Installation Sounds, Improvisation and Tape Composition (Pit Noack. Self Released, 2008).
Rawlings / Stelzer / Talbot "Untitled (Track 4)." Split w/ Grivas / Zioutos / Malevitsis (Editions Zero, 2002).
Nautical Almanac "C + C + T003." Split w/ Meerk Puffy (Veglia, 2002).
Anders Gjerde "All I Ever Wanted Was You." Kylling Smask Klunk Berry (Humbug, 2001).
Mandible Chatter "Arcalumis." Hair Hair Lock & Lore (Russell Records, 1994).
ERG / MSBR / Das Synthetische Mischgewebe "Stratum 1." Geosynclines (Flenix, 1998).
Sandmachine "Pamplisest Pt. 4." Speculative Fiction (TestToneMusic, 2010)
Newton "Untitled (Track 5)." Attempts to play in the style of ORTHO (Breathmint, 20xx).
Squid Fist "Hits." Face/Off (Insides Music, 2007).
Satori "Kapsoni." Infect (Functional Organisation, 1995).
Pascal Battus / Alfredo Costa Monteiro "Untitled (Track 2)." Ductile (A Question Of Re-Entry / Organized Music From Thessaloniki, 2008).
Dustbreeders & Junko "Live at Black Room." Mommy Close The Door (Starlight Furniture Company, 2003).
EHI "Birthday Illusion." Split w/ Hal McGee & Separation (FDR / HalTapes / Corprolith, 1997).
Armenia "Pieza 2." Diez Sangrantes Piezas Metamorficas (Ruido Horrible, 2007).
Knurl "Morphocrylate." Thiocarbamide (Phage Tapes, 2009).
The New Blockaders "Avaunt! Avaunt! Avaunt!" History of Nothing (Siren Records, 2000).
G.X. Jupitter-Larson & Masami Akita "Untitled Collaboration." Merzbow & The Haters (Banned Productions, 2006).
The Nordic Miracle "Bach; Die Johannes-Passion BWV 245." (excerpt) We Shall Provide (Humbug, 2002).

Dead Language Airport #10 (4.17.11)
K. K. Null + Jim O'Rourke “Abyss.” New Kind of Water ( Charnel House 1992).
Dave Knott Track 5 "1 very ripe" etc. Natura Naturans ( Anomalous 1999).
Exias-J electric conception “Palestine.” Balance of Chaos (Modern Music (P.S.F. Records) 2003).
Vector Trio “Prophet's Eye.” Paths Unknown ( 2006).
Beequeen “my wicked wicked ways” Ownliness (Infraction
Hisswig “Untitled (Track 1)” Hisswig (2008).
Han Bennink “Walk” Tempo Commodo (Data 1982).
Han Bennink “Ivory Horses” Tempo Commodo (Data 1982).
Arthur Doyle Plus 4 “Mother Image, Father Image” Alabama Feeling (DRA 1998) (re-issue).
Andrew Gilmore “Untitled (Track 2)” Untitled (Carbon 2000).

Dead Language Airport #9 (4.10.11)
Slapp Happy, “Casablanca Moon.” Casablanca Moon (Alex 1974).
Slapp Happy, “Half Way There.” Casablanca Moon (Alex 1974).
Moondog, ”Trees Against the Sky.” Moondog (Prestige 1956).
Moondog, ”Frog Bog.” Moondog (Prestige 1956).
Moondog, ”Street Scene.” Moondog (Prestige 1956).
Amy Denio, “Brave It.” (with Tone Dogs) Greatest Hits (Unit Circle Rekkids 1999).
Amy Denio, “You Never Call Me Anymore .” (with Pale Nudes) Greatest Hits (Unit Circle Rekkids 1999).
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Dead Language Airport #8 (4.3.11)
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Dylan Shearer. "You Know Who I Am." Porch Puddles (2010).
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Dead Language Airport #7 (3.20.11)
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Dead Language Airport #6 (2.27.11)
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Scout Niblett, “Pom Poms.” Kidnapped by Neptune (Beggars Too Pure 2005).
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Dead Language Airport #5 (2.20.11)
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Dead Language Airport #4 (2.13.11)
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Dead Language Airport #3 (2.6.11)
Ningen Rocket, Track 9. Tribute to Roger Mayer (Nu Nulax Nulan - NUCD-1867, CD 1999).
Ningen Rocket, Track 1. Tribute to Roger Mayer (Nu Nulax Nulan - NUCD-1867, CD 1999).
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Dead Language Airport #2 (1.23.11)
Danielson, "Things and Stuff." Brother is to Sun (Secretly Canadian 2004).
Lucia Pamela, "Moontown." Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela (Arf! Arf! 1969).
Lucia Pamela, "Walking on the Moon." Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela (Arf! Arf! 1969).
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Audrey Chen, "Glacial. Glacial (2009) (excerpt)

Dead Language Airport #1 (1.16.11)
Elephant Micah, "Loon's Call." Echoer's Intent (Time Lag 2010).
Julie Doiron, "Dirty Feet." Goodnight Nobody (Jagjaguwar 2004).
Songs: Ohia, "Didn't It Rain." Didn't It Rain (Secretly Canadian 2002).
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