Upcoming Shows:

03-12-2016 Brooklyn, NY. Afternoon Hang @ Union Pool With Kath Bloom and Erin Durant.
04-17-2016 Ridgewood, NY. Trans Pecos.

Past Shows:

02-14-2016 Cuneiform Records presents Silver Spring, MD. With Alec K. Redfearn and Christopher Sadlers
10-18-2015 Brooklyn, NY. Afternoon Hang @ Union Pool.
10-14-2015 Brooklyn, NY. Songbird Series @ Branded Saloon. With Lianne smith, DK & The Joy Machine

09-24-2015 Brussels, Belgium. Centre Vincent Van Gogh. With Alec K Redfearn and The Eyesores
09-17-2015 Beauregard, France. Le Presbyt’hair. With Alec K Redfearn and The Eyesores

09-13-2015 New York, NY. The Cake Shop. With Goddess and Hamish Kilgour
08-23-2015 Ridgewood, NY. Trans Pecos. With Alec K Redfearn and The Eyesores
07-29-2015 Brooklyn, NY. The Living Room. With Meridians and Moonheart
07-02-2015 New York, NY. The HiFi Bar, early show 8pm
06-06-2015 Brooklyn, NY. Bloodmiel. With Goddess
05-10-2015 Brooklyn, NY. Lady Gaydee May Fest. With Larkin Grimm, Yucky Duster et al.
04-24-2015 Brooklyn, NY. The Gatehouse. With Kate Ferencz and Harmon Butcher
04-03-2015 Brooklyn, NY. The Living Room. With Hans Chew and Dave Heumann
01-18-2015 Brooklyn, NY. Unnameable Books. With Martin Beeler, Jeremy Hoevenaar, Becca Klaver, Lisa Rogal, Pete Simonelli
01-17-2015 Brooklyn, NY. Afternoon Hang @ Union Pool. With Zeke Healy
01-02-2015 Brooklyn, NY. High Horse Saloon
11-21-2014 Brooklyn, NY. Troost. With Lianne Smith
10-08-2014 Brooklyn, NY. Northern Spy Presents @ Trans Pecos. with Christy & Emily, Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone, Meaner Pencil
09-06-2014 Brooklyn, NY. Pete's Candy Store. With Stephen Bartolomei
09-05-2014 Brooklyn, NY. Trans Pecos. With Coke Weed, Predator Prey
08-03-2014 New York, NY. The Treehouse at 2A. With Linda Draper, Matt Keating
06-28-2014 Brooklyn, NY. Freddy's Bar and Backroom. With Psychic Lines, Fran Powers, The Eugene Grant Campaign
06-01-2014 Brooklyn, NY. Baby's All Right. Special guest Susan Alcorn. With Ohioan, Jef Brown
05-31-2014 Philadelphia, PA. Rigby Mansion. Special guest Susan Alcorn. With Ohioan/Many Trails, Debby Schwartz.
Philadelphia, PA. Old City Coffee. With Laura Baird.
 Manhattan, NY. Cake Shop. With Dear Creek, Midwest, Gregory C. Brown. 
Brooklyn, NY. Wayfarers. Who By Fire Poetry & Music series. With Jasmine Dreame Wagner & Brendan Landis, and Christine Shan Shan Hou and Daniel Schoonebeek with Charlie Rauh.
04-22-2014 Brooklyn, NY. Launchpad. With Cal Folger Day, Zach Fay & Emily Bate, and Mark Golamco.
04-18-2014 Brooklyn. E Gallery. Host and backing vocalist for Debby Schwartz EP Release. With Meaner Pencil, Sport & Play.
Brooklyn, NY. Trans Pecos. Guest member of The Bunnybrains, along with Bob Bannister, Weasel Walter, Tim Dahl and Zach Phillips. Also on the bill were Hamish Kilgour, Weyes Blood and Zach Phillips.
Brooklyn, NY. Troost. 1011 Manhattan Ave.
03-30-2014 Providence, RI. House of Fools. With Concetta Abbate, Mystery Red Inferno (Alec K. Redfearn solo). 
Boston, MA. Whitehaus. With Concetta Abbate, Dear Creek, Long John.
Beacon, NY. Quinn's. With Debby Schwartz..
03-26-2014 Hudson, NY. The Half Moon. With Meursault, Locust Heads.
Brooklyn, NY. Manhattan Inn. With Josephine Foster.
Brooklyn, NY. Pete's Candy Store With Morgan Orion, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, The Juicy Mangoes.
Queens, NY. MoMa PS1. Accompanying Josephine Foster. With Gyða Valtýsdóttir and Susan Alcorn.
 Brooklyn, NY. Hank's Saloon. With Franklin Bruno & The Human Hearts, Josephine Foster.
 Brooklyn, NY. E Gallery. With Kath Bloom, Lianne Smith. 
12-20-2013 New York, NY. Accompanying Concetta Abbatte. House show, also with Southernmost Eaglefight, Orgulous, Happy Lives.
12-05-2013 Brooklyn, NY. Ange Noir. With Why Lie?, Matthew Silver, Stereochemistry.
10-20-2013 New York, NY. The Bowery Electric. With Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores, Meaner Pencil, Cloud Becomes Your Hand.

Singing From The Bottom of A Well
. Special collaborative project with Susan Alcorn and Erik Ruin:
09-12-2013 Baltimore, MD. 2640. With Daniel Higgs, Nathan Bell
09-13-2013 Washington, DC. St. Stephen’s. With Nathan Bell, Mike Andre.
09-14-2013 Philadelphia, PA. The Highwire Gallery. With Dan Joseph, Destroying Angel.
09-15-2013 Brooklyn, NY. Bundy’s. With Ohioan, Bob Jones & The Golden Tones.

08-23-2013 Brooklyn, NY. Jalopy Theatre. With Zachary Cale, Laura Baird.
07-19-2013 Philadelphia, PA. The Rigby Mansion. With Ex Reverie, Larkin Grimm.
04-09-2013 Brooklyn, NY. Hank’s Saloon. With Zachary Cale, Woodsy Pride.
03-27-2013 Brooklyn, NY. House Show. With Concetta Abbatte + Charlie Rauh + Zach Dunham.
02-27-2013 Brooklyn, NY. The Way Station. Karen Dalton Tribute Show. With Kelli Scarr, Alana Amran.
01-25-2013 New York, NY. The Bowery Electric. With Christy & Emily, The New Sensations.
11-14-2012 Brooklyn, NY. The Way Station. With Kelli Scarr, Paul Ryan + Daniel Wayne
Baltimore, MD. Baltimore Folk Festival. Duo with Susan Alcorn.
10-20-2012 Philadelphia, PA. Edible Onion Fest. Goldilocks Gallery.
10-14-2012 Brooklyn, NY. House Show. With Meaner Pencil, Phi Thi Thach.
10-13-2012 Jersey City, NJ. Land of The Free-form Music and Arts Festival. 
10-13-2012 WFMU. Live Radio Performance. Listen to the archived show here!
Philadelphia, PA. Highwire Gallery. With Meaner Pencil, Shaina Kapeluck
Baltimore, MD. The Windup Space. Duo with Susan Alcorn. With Chris Pumphrey, Claire Anthony, Omoo Omoo.
New York, NY. Zebulon. With P.G. Six, Aaron Rosenblum.
Allston, MA. Orphan Gallery. With Gracious Calamity, Sue Bell, Pancho the Kidd, Sophie Dickinson
Lincoln, NE. The Bourbon Theatre. With Meiko, Buddy, All Young Girls Are Machine Guns.
08-04-2012 Philadelphia, PA. House show (28th & Girard). With Starlight Girls and Teen Girl Scientist Monthly.
07-21-2012 Philadelphia, PA. The Rigby Mansion. 6 pm. With On the Water, Laura Baird.
07-10-2012 Philadelphia, PA. CD Release Show! Greenline (45th & Locust). 7 pm. With Snow Caps, Scott Churchman, Bad Heart Bull.
07-08-2012 Hoboken, NJ. Noon to 3. D's Soulfull Cafe. With Amanda Thorpe, Lianne Smith and Debby Schwartz.
(Office Park) Chicago, IL. The Whister. With Philippe Petit + PAS, Katherine Young.

Spring 2012 Tour
with Gary Foster (drums), Evan Lipson (bass), Susan Alcorn (pedal steel).

04-03-2012 Washington, D.C. Back Alley Theater. With Weed Tree, Susan Alcorn.
04-04-2012 Baltimore, MD. The Windup Space. With Rosemary Krust, MacGregor Burns.
04-05-2012 Philadelphia, PA. Highwire Gallery. With Susan Alcorn, Scallion. Special guest Helena Espvall.
04-06-2012 Boston, MA. Lorem Ipsum. With Pancho the Kidd, Chris North, Snidely and Whiplash (Bobb Trimble + Crystal Fulbright).
04-07-2012 Brooklyn, NY. Vaudeville Park. With Zachary Cale, Jessica Pavone + Mary Halvorson.
04-08-2012 Providence, RI. AS220. With Erik Ruin (music by Scott Reber & Sakiko Mori), 2 Headed Dog, Orion Rigel Dommisse.
04-10-2012 Columbus, OH. It Looks Like it's Open. With Mike Shiflet + Sven Kahns, Time & Temperature.

02-26-2012 (Office Park) Des Moines, IA. Vaudeville Mews. With Ben Bennett, Distance Trains.
02-18-2012 Madison, WI. Shockrasonica. With Spires That In The Sunset Rise, Troy Schafer, Eloine.
12-14-2011 Omaha, NE. O'Leavers. With L. Eugene Methe, David Nance.
10-23-2011 (Office Park) La Crosse, WI. The Cavalier Lounge. With Dino Felipe, This Heart Electric, Igloo Martian.
10-11-2011 Des Moines, IA. Vaudeville Mews. With Mark Mandeville, Pennyhawk.
10-07-2011 Decorah, IA. Arthaus.

2011 East Coast Tour with Kath Bloom:
05-12-2011 Champaign, IL. The Law Office. With Morgan Orion, You & Yourn.

05-11-2011 Pittsburgh, PA. Garfield Artworks. With Will Simmons, Wifebeater, Ivory Weeds.
05-09-2011 Washington, DC. Velvet Lounge. With Brice Randall Bickford, Lithia Corsica.
05-08-2011 Baltimore, MD. Golden West Cafe. With Susan Alcorn.
05-05-2011 Brooklyn, NY. Union Pool. With Kath Bloom, P.G. Six, Larkin Grimm.
05-04-2011 Philadelphia, PA. Kung Fu Necktie. With Kath Bloom, Meg Baird.
05-03-2011 Boston, MA. P.A.'s Lounge. With Kath Bloom, Sunburned Hand of the Man.
05-02-2011 Worcester, MA. House Show. With Kath Bloom, Matt Fox.
05-01-2011 Easthampton, MA. Flywheel Arts Collective. With Kath Bloom, Dave Gross Popstravaganza.
04-30-2011 Hudson, NY. The Spotty Dog. With Kath Bloom, Silent Isle.
04-29-2011 Buffalo, NY. The Vault. With C. Ryder Cooley, Maile Colbert, Lara Buckley.
04-28-2011 Toledo, OH. Robinwood Concert House. With Corridors.
04-27-2011 Milwaukee, WI. The Borg Ward. With Lucky Bone, Conrad Plymouth.

04-23-2011 (Office Park) Denver, CO. Denver Noise Fest. Old Curtis Street Bar.
04-15-2011 La Crosse, WI. Root Note. With Slow Skate, Thistle and the Thorns
03-27-2011 Decorah, IA. T Bock’s.
03-09-2011 La Crosse, WI. The Root Note. With Seeded Plain.
03-02-2011 Brooklyn, NY. Goodbye Blue Monday.
02-15-2011 (Office Park) La Crosse, WI. Cavalier Lounge.
02-12-2011 Decorah, IA. The Chez Shack.
02-11-2011 Decorah, IA. Brock’s Tattoo.
02-04-2011 KDEC. Decorah, IA. Radio appearance.
01-19-2011 Lincoln, NE. The Zoo Bar.
01-14-2011 (Office Park) LaCrosse, WI. The Root Note. With Igloo Martian.
01-08-2011 Omaha, NE. The Slowdown. With L. Eugene Methe, Bluebird.

2010 US Tour:
08-21-2010 Seattle, WA. Cafe Solstice. With AMA.
08-22-2010 Seattle, WA. Garden party at Amy Denio's house. With AMA.
08-27-2010 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With Ed Gray, Ron Wax, Jeff Thompson and Angeles Cossio, and Loud Kitchen.
08-28-2010 Omaha, NE. Noah Sterba's House. With Ed Gray, Simon Joyner, Noah Sterba & the Cocktails.
08-30-2010 Omaha, NE. Bemis Center for the Arts. With Daniel Higgs, The Chiara String Quartet.
09-01-2010 Ames, IA. The Ames Progressive. With Ron Wax, Pennyhawk.
09-02-2010 Iowa City, IA. The Mill. With Ed Gray, Ron Wax.
09-03-2010 Dubuque, IA. Monk’s Kaffee Pub.
09-04-2010 Minneapolis, MN. 331 Club. With Andy Elwell, Adam Svec.
09-05-2010 Madison, WI. The Gates of Heaven. With Meteorade, El-Tin Fun.
09-06-2010 Milwaukee, WI. The Sugar Maple.
09-06-2010 Milwauke, WI. WMSE. Radio appearance.
09-07-2010 Chicago, IL. Uncommon Ground. With Barnfires.
09-08-2010 Detroit, MI. Burton Theater. With Windy Weber & Hitoko Sakai, Eloine + Gabriel Beam, Black Flea.
09-09-2010 Columbus, OH. Spore Infoshop. With Time and Temperature, Crawfishes.
09-10-2010 Bloomington, IN. Bryan Park Tot Lot. With Vollmar, Normanoak, Hanz Bronze, Bobby Bils, Polaroid, Sir Deja Doog.
09-11-2010 Normal, IL. Never Forget Fest.
09-12-2010 Urbana, IL. Mike ‘n’ Molly’s. With You & Yourn, Kayla Brown.
09-13-2010 St. Louis, MO. Pig Slop. With Eloine, Ron Wax, Teaadora, Derrick Hart.
09-13-2010 St. Louis, MO. KRUU. Radio Appearance, with Ron Wax, Teaadora.
09-14-2010 Columbia, MO. The Hairhole. With Ron Wax, Heater.
09-15-2010 Kansas City. The Brick. With The Chiara Quartet.
09-16-2010 Lawrence, KS. 8th St. Taproom. With CJ Calhoun, Katlyn Conroy, Sam Billen.
09-17-2010 Omaha, NE. The Slowdown. With The Chiara Quartet, Noah Sterba & the Cocktails.
09-18-2010 Lincoln, NE. The Zoo Bar. With World History, Zoe Boekbinder.
09-19-2010 Fairfield, IA. Thug Estates. With Eloine, The Horror the Horror.
09-20-2010 Louisville, KY. Derby City Espresso. With Eloine, R. Keenan Lawler.
09-21-2010 Pittsburgh, PA. Helter Shelter. With Eloine, Wife Beater, Critter.
09-22-2010 New Haven, CT. Cafe Nine. With Kath Bloom.
09-23-2010 Hudson, NY. The Spotty Dog. With Kath Bloom, Bunnybrains + Eloine.
09-24-2010 Burlington, VT. The Radio Bean.
09-25-2010 Portland, ME. Mayo St. Arts. With Dan Knudsen, Jeff Platz Percussion String Trio + Junko Simons.
09-26-2010 Boston, MA. Whitehaus. With Kath Bloom, Glenn Jones, Jaggery.
09-27-2010 Brooklyn, NY. Goodbye Blue Monday. With Eloine + Philip Gayle, Mal Madrigal, Guitars.
09-28-2010 New York, NY. Googie’s Lounge above the Living Room. With P.G. Six, Mal Madrigal.
09-29-2010 Philadelphia, PA. Castle Gay. With The Snow Caps, Charlotte Littlehales, Kate Ferencz, Buffalo Stance.
09-30-2010 Baltimore, MD. 2640. With Rosemary Krust, Other Colors, Holy Ghost Party.
10-01-2010 Washington, DC. Pyramid Atlantic. With Eloine + Gary Rouzer, Rosemary Krust.
10-02-2010 Blacksburg, Virginia. Gillie’s. With The Black Twigs.
10-03-2010 Boone, NC. BeansTalk. With Eloine, Arte Povera, Andrew Weathers, Carly Taich.
10-04-2010 Johnson City, TN. The Acoustic Coffeehouse.
10-05-2010 Chapel Hill, NC. Nightlight. With Eloine + Slicnaton, Inspector 22.
10-06-2010 Athens, GA. Flicker Bar. With Emily Armond, Tiny Distance.
10-10-2010 New Orleans, LA. The Saint.
10-11-2010 Houston, TX. Notsuoh’s. With The Chiara Quartet, Bell Tran, Papaya.
10-13-2010 Austin, TX. United States Art Authority. With Christina Carter, Ralph White, Eloine + Josh Ronsen.
10-14-2010 Wichita, KS. Vertical Violet. With Ghostbeard, Mike Adams.
10-17-2010 Chicago, IL. Schwag City. With Eloine.
10-18-2010 Chicago, IL. Derp Haus. With Brune-Juice and the Jigsaws.
10-20-2010 Norman, OK. Opolis. With Eloine, Ex Oblivione.
10-21-2010 Amarillo, TX. The 806.
10-22-2010 Phoenix, AZ. The Dressing Room. With Hell-Kite, Michelle Blades.
10-23-2010 Los Angeles, CA. Human Resources. With Monstruo, Moses Campbell, So Many Wizards.
10-24-2010 San Francisco, CA. Amnesia.
10-25-2010 Davis, CA. Robot Residence.
10-26-2010 Oakland, CA. The Cakebread Castle. With Eloine, Dax Tran-Caffee.
10-27-2010 San Francisco, CA. Red and White Fleet.
10-28-2010 Eugene, OR. The Jazz Station. With Eloine + Sabrina Siegel.
10-29-2010 The Waypost. Portland, OR. With Ohioan, Hearsay and Hyperbole.
10-30-2010 Olympia, WA. Le Voyeur. With Autococoon, Making Love, Dan Avery.
11-01-2010 Seattle, WA. The Can-Can. With Low Hums, Bill Patton.
11-02-2010 Caldwell, ID. Scott's House. With Eloine.
11-03-2010 Salt Lake City, UT. The Underground. With Eloine, Diandra Ryan-Mas.
11-10-2010 North Platte, NE. Da Buzz.
11-13-2010 Grand Forks, ND. The Hub. With June Panic.

08-13-2010 Des Moines, IA. The Stomping Grounds.
08-09-2010 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With Fielded, Psychic Steel, Das Hoboerotica.
08-08-2010 (Office Park) Iowa City, IA. White Lightning. With KAMAMA.
08-06-2010 (Office Park) Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With KAMAMA.
07-26-2010 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With June Panic, June Panic’s Wife.
07-25-2010 KZUM. Lincoln, NE. Radio appearance.
07-16-2010 Omaha, NE. PS Collective.
07-12-2010 San Francisco, CA. The Makeout Room. For the Monthly Rumpus.
07-10-2010 Oakland, CA. The Actual Cafe. With Zoe Boekbinder.
07-09-2010 Omaha, NE. The Benson Grind.
07-03-2010 Lincoln, NE. Cultiva. With Eloine.
06-30-2010 Lincoln, NE. Duffy’s Tavern.
06-26-2010 Lincoln, NE. Cultiva. Louffa Press Benefit.
06-06-2010 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With Nick Jaina, Bear Country.
06-05-2010 Lincoln, NE. The Bourbon Theater. With Damien Jurado.
05-22-2010 Lincoln, NE. Cultiva.
04-07-2010 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With Arborea, Manny Coon.
04-30-2010 Lincoln, NE. Garden concert at the Voelker’s. With John Walker.
04-23-2010 Brownville, NE. Wine, Writers and Song Festival.
03-27-2010 Lincoln, NE. The Bourbon Theater. With Cleemann, Rob Hawkins, Cory Kibler, Das Hoboerotica, Chanty Stovall.
03-14-2010 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With Dark Dark Dark, Spirits of the Red City.
03-09-2010 Omaha, NE. The Barley St. Tavern. With Adam Faucett, Midwest Dilemma.
03-07-2010 Lincoln, NE. Duffy’s Tavern.
02-25-2010 KZUM. Lincoln, NE. Radio appearance.
02-13-2010 Lincoln, NE. The Sheldon Art Museum.
02-11-2010 Lincoln, NE. The Lincoln Exposed Festival.
02-06-2010 Lincoln, NE. LAFTA. 7th St. Loft.
02-05-2010 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With Panda Face, Pharmacy Spirits.
01-17-2010 Lincoln, NE. Duffy’s Tavern. Under the Covers Festival.
01-09-2010 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With Bill Hoover, McCarthy Trenching.
01-07-2010 KZUM. Lincoln, NE. Radio appearance.
12-12-2009 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With The Chiara Quartet, Das Hoboerotica.
11-14-2009 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With The Bruces, Mal Madrigal.
11-13-2009 Omaha, NE. The Barley St. Tavern.
11-06-2009 Chicago, IL. Uncommon Ground.
10-24-2009 Marquette, NE. The Art Farm. With Bill Hoover, Das Hoboerotica, Kurt Peterson.
10-15-2009 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With L. Eugene Methe, Samuel Locke Ward.
10-10-2009 Brownville, NE. The Antiquarium. With Eloine.
10-07-2009 Lincoln, NE. Duffy’s Tavern. With Br’er, Dereck Higgins Band.
09-30-2009 Lincoln, NE. Lincoln Calling Festival.
09-26-2009 Brownville, NE. The River Inn.
09-25-2009 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With You & Yourn, John Walker.
09-24-2009 KZUM. Lincoln, NE. Radio appearance.
09-22-2009 Lincoln, NE. The Bourbon Theater. With Outlaw Con Bandana, Brad Hoshaw.
09-19-2009 Iowa City, IA. Public Space One. With Ed Gray, Eloine.
09-18-2009 Des Moines, IA. The Ritual Cafe.
08-22-2009 Lincoln, NE. Garage show. With Diamond Kazzoo, No Good and the Crossbucks.
08-21-2009 Omaha, NE. The Barley St. Tavern. With Nicole Le Clerc.
08-07-2009 Ames, IA. The Ames Progressive.
07-30-2009 Lincoln, NE. The Zoo Bar. With the Areyoumadatmes, Diamond Kazzoo.
07-29-2009 Ames, IA. The Ames Progressive. With Pennyhawk.
07-25-2009 Lincoln, NE. Tugboat, Gallery. For Rob Stewart’s play The Living Room.
07-03-2009 Brownville, IA. Whisky Run Creek.
06-26-2009 Lincoln, NE. The Zoo Bar. With Outlaw Con Bandana.
06-16-2009 Lincoln, NE. Rooftop show at The Francine. With Eddy Burke.
05-23-2009 Amarillo, TX. The 806. With Thomas Campbell.
05-16-2009 Sioux City, IA. The Eagle’s Club.
05-12-2009 Lincoln, NE. The Zoo Bar.
05-01-2009 Lincoln, NE. The Parrish Project.
04-25-2009 Brownville, NE. Wine, Writers and Song Festival.
04-23-2009 Omaha, NE. The Barley St. Tavern. With A Tomato a Day, The Filter Kings, Anatomy of a Riot.
04-18-2009 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With John Walker.

2009 House Show Tour With No One Conquered, Wyoming:
04-02-2010 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House.
04-03-2010 Manhattan, KS.
04-04-2010 Lawrence, KS.
04-05-2010 Wichita, KS.

03-30-2009 Lincoln, NE. The Box Awesome. With Emma Nelson, Cory Kibler.
03-23-2009 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With Eloine, No One Conquered Wyoming.
03-22-2009 KRNU. Lincoln, NE. Radio appearance.
03-12-2009 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With No One Conquered Wyoming, Jeremy Powers.
03-11-2009 Lincoln, NE. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
03-07-2009 Lincoln, NE. Jones Coffee. With Das Hoboerotica.
02-03-2009 Lincoln, NE. The Zoo Bar. With Kaycee and the Captain.
01-17-2009 Lincoln, NE. Clawfoot House. With John Walker.